Truth on Disc
Since 1976 Truth on Tape / Disc  existed for only one purpose: spread the Gospel as far and wide as possible.  To this end we have always offered our Bible Classes at lower prices than ANY similar provider we have ever found.  But now, we announce a new way to acquire these materials at significantly LOWER prices. 

External hard drives can provide 80 Gigabytes of storage in a package which works off of a single  USB cable and are small enough to slip into a shirt pocket.  These drives can be purchased for as little as $75 (after taxes and shipping).  You can see one at the following link:   Iomega USB External Hard Drive

We purchased some of these devices and loaded our ENTIRE mp3 library onto them.  We will mail one of these new hard drives loaded with our complete catalog of classes by Homer Hailey, Lowell Williams, and many others, to your mailing address for $100.  In other words, you can buy our total library (2,187 hours of class time which would cost $1,200 to purchase on 60 CD's) for just  $100  -  and get the hard drive for free!

OR,  if you already own an external USB drive, mail it to us, we'll copy the files, and mail it back to you for $20.

We do not limit the use of our files in any way, so you may then feel free to copy them onto your desktop or portable computer, onto your preferred mp3 player, or loan the disc to friends (mail it to Africa if you like) so they can copy these files in the same way.  Please distribute them to your heart's content.  To God be the glory.

The down-side is that you will have to make your own CD's.  If for some reason you want or need to have classes on an actual compact disc, you must create and handle them yourself.  It is this process of burning discs, labeling them, putting them in an album, providing covers, wrapping, and shipping them, which has been so costly and time-consuming.  Hopefully, you don't need all THAT stuff - just the files and your computer or  player to hear them.  So there you go... our whole library is yours on a new hard drive for $100 or send us you own drive and we'll do it for $20.              God bless you in your studies,  Larry & Donna Haverstock
10010 Kenwanda Drive
Snohomish, WA, 98296
Phone:  360-652-6009